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as at: Friday, 03 February 2006 11:47 AM 


Our online resources have been developed as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting WA teachers.  

In line with key curriculum outcomes, they will serve as valuable tools in classrooms along with The Sunday Times newspaper.

Newspapers are an essential resource for an in-depth approach to local, national, and international events.

newspapers in education

Lesson ideas to forever bring newspapers to life in your classroom.
Suitable for all areas of study, including Art, Mathematics, Music, English, and more.  

wonders of w.a.

Supporting resources for the all new eight-part magazine series WONDERS OF W.A.
Starting 19 February, 2006.
Use these resources to learn more abouth the natural wonders that are right on our doorstep... 

good health

A new three part educational resource for middle/upper primary & high school students.
First Delivery Wednesday, 12 October, 2005.
Each magazine offers practical advice on maintaining and increasing good health... 


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