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Introduce the newspaper to drama class using one of these activities:

Drama activities can be fun, educational and a great way to really involve children in the subject they are working on. Drama lessons can be very easy to manage but ground rules will probably need to be established before activities commence.

Set rules for drama classes where students know that a response is required on a signal from the teacher. This is not necessarily for disciplinarian purposes but for the successful organisation of the drama activity.

There may be a signal needed to start an activity, to change form, for example within an activity, or to stop work and listen to further instructions. The set signal could be cymbal, triangle, hand-clap or whistle. An appropriate response to the signal also needs to be negotiated, perhaps freezing on the spot.

It is not essential for every drama activity to be rehearsed to perfection and performed to the entire class, but variety in the size of audience and degree of polish of the performance is important. A developmental approach should be taken and the types of activities selected may depend to a large extent on the previous drama experiences of students. These drama lesson activities have therefore not been broken into phases but some group activities have been presented at the end for possible use in the culminating activity, the production and publishing of the student newspaper.

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