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Online lesson plans, class activities, curriculum related content!

New in 2003 The Sunday Times features an educational double-page spread each week for the nine-week token collection phase on the topic "Communic8". Teachers will be able to utilise this double-page spread in the classroom as links to corresponding class activities will appear here on the Win a School Bus website.

These class activities will span development levels from primary through to high school and will cover the eight key learning areas.

The class activities will be accessible from the website on a weekly basis and will be released to coincide with the publication date of the corresponding double-page spread. Just log on to this page each week to download these great class activities.

This website also features a separate section titled "Newspapers in Schools" which includes a variety of lesson plans that can be used in the classroom all year round. These lesson plans outline all the different ways in which newspapers can be used in the classroom from drama to mathematics and more!

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